29-07-12  Hinge People  


The importance of Balance 



God Speaks 



    Belonging to a family


A broken people 

How do you decide when to give up on something



You are free but what does your freedom mean to you?  


 You are unique

You may feel small and insignificant but you can make a difference in the world today


Why Suffering? 

Why does a good God allow us to suffer, what is the point of it?










Enemies Become Friends 


Christ Himself has brought us peace.  



 The Lost Daughter


Jesus became a human being, our brother, to come and find us and bring us back to God our loving Heavenly Father.



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not avaliable 



 I am here for you


I have been with you. I am with you now. I will be with you always 



Family Values 

Jesus teached us how to be a family - loving one another with the love that he gives. 


A Tale of two Brothers 

We may feel trapped in patterns of behavior passed on by our parents. We don't need to be stuck in the mould. Jesus came to set the prisoners free. 


Can you Beelieve it?



The Joy of Life  


29th May 2011

 United We Stand

Rev Legge reports back from the General Assembly with some difficult questions for us all. 

 22nd May 2011



 15th May 2011



 8th May 2011

I will be with you always 

We are working with God not for God. Find out what God is doing and then join in. 

 16th April 2011

Servant King 


Who serves who? 


 10th April 2011


Trust God, Stay on Track, Share the good news and Focus on People. 

 3rd April 2011

Live together in harmony 


What does harmony cost us? 


27th March 2011 

Was this a good Budget? 

Rev. Legge explores our attitude to money and possessions and asks are we really better off?

 3rd March 2011

 A Change of Heart

 How can we look at ourselves differently and change for the better?


 27th February 2011


 With a Little Help From Our Friends


 What happends when we want to change? We tend to get stuck. Rev. Legge discusses the challenges and where God and our friends can help.

 What happends when we want to change? We tend to get stuck. Rev. Legge discusses the challenges and where God and our friends can help.

20th February 2011

What is Leprocy ?

Who are the "epers" in our society today?

13th February 2011 

The Silver Surfer 


How do we learn a new skill? Rev. Legge looks at the importance of learning and how Simon Peter learned from Jesus. 


6th February 2011

What Should I Do?


How do we make decisions when we are under pressure? Rev. Legge explores how Jesus examples can help us today.


30th January 2011 

My Chains Fell Off 



What stops us from doing the right thing? Rev. Legge explores what binds us and makes us "captive". 



2nd January 2011 

 Mans' Best Friend


How can we communicate with God? Rev. Legge looks at how we communicate with our pets to illustrate.



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