The Silver 



Never Too Old To Learn

Luke 5:1-11 p.80



Id like to learn to surf.  Dave couldnt quite believe his ears.  His mother couldn’t even swim, so why should she want to learn to surf.  “What’s brought that on?” he asked.  “Nora has learnt and said it’s really useful so I’d like to learn too.”  “But the sea in Australia is much warmer than it is off Aberdeen.  You know you don’t even like paddling in the cold water.”


It turned out the surfing Cathy was talking about had nothing to do with water, but was a term for using the internet.  Nora, Cathys sister lived in Australia, and she was a ‘silver surfer’, that title given to folk of senior years who take up home computing. She told Cathy of the benefits of using the internet such as e-mail, finding out lots of information and buying just about anything you like from anywhere round the world. Even so, Dave was amazed.  His mother wanting to learn to use the computer!  Cathy had never been good at anything technical.  She struggled with any gadget that involved pressing buttons and turning dials. He usually had to find the local radio stations for her and she never had learnt how to use the DVD player.  Dave always had to put the DVD’s on for her.  However, Cathy really wanted to be able to use the e-mail to keep in touch with Nora.  And when someone is motivated enough to do something, then all things become possible. Such was the case with Cathy.


She went to the library and took out a book called “Computers for beginners” but she didnt really understand it.  It made it all sound so complicated. So she asked Dave to explain things to her and show her what to do.  Dave sat down with his mum that evening after tea. He tapped away at the keyboard and made it look so easy but Cathy couldnt watch the screen and his fingers at the same time so she still couldnt do it herself.  After half an hour Dave gave up trying to show his mum what to do and suggested that she should go to a computer class where she could learn the basics and get started.


So she asked around and eventually found a class in Aberdeen. Every Monday afternoon along with a dozen or so other beginners she was taught by a nice young man all about the basic tasks like how to write letters, surf the net and send e-mail. There were lots of times when she got stuck or did things wrong and ended in a mess, but the teacher was very patient and always helped her back on the right track. They each had a computer to work on in the class and then went home to practice what they had learnt every day.



·          Read a book

·          Listen to description

·          Watch others

·          Work along side an expert

·          Do it ourselves


Luke 5:1-11 “Jesus calls the first disciples”

Disciple means someone who is learning



·          Learned to read scriptures at the synagogue - we can read bible

·          Listened to Jesus teaching - we can listen to sermons

·          Saw Jesus healing - we can observe other Christians

·          Invited Jesus home - mother-in law healed - see change in own family

·          Helps Jesus -  we can help at church events

·          Jesus calls Simon to follow him - personal commitment to follow Jesus


Simon felt he wasn’t good enough to be one of Jesus’ disciples.  He thought he knew how to catch fish but Jesus the carpenter seemed to know more about that than he did. And Simon certainly didn’t know how to catch people.  But he was willing to learn.  And that’s all that was needed.


Simon made lots of mistakes along the way but Jesus always forgave him when he got things wrong and helped him to get things right next time round.


We don’t need to be ‘good enough’ to be a Christian.  What we need is to be willing to learn and to make a commitment to practice what we are learning, not just on a Sunday but every day.  If we keep on practicing the things we learn then they become an automatic part of our lives.  Like Peter, we will never be perfect, because there is always more to learn.  But that’s what makes being a disciple of Jesus so exciting.




Cathy’s computer  course lasted ten weeks. At the end of it Cathy was proficient in all the basic areas of home computing. She was even able to show Dave shortcuts to do various tasks that he know nothing about. She continued with an advanced class and after that went on to do one on digital photography. Bob, her husband, found himself asking Cathy questions about using his camera and she was able to show him how to take better photos and use the computer to edit and print them. Cathys days of learning were not over though. She found that she had to constantly keep abreast of the various new applications and software packages that were around if she was to make the most of her new skills.


Cathy regularly sent e-mails to Nora and the two sisters even exchanged photos. They also learned to use live video links over the web to talk to each other and see one another at the same time. It was during one of these informal chats taking place over the ten thousand odd miles between them that Nora told Cathy that she had sent her a DVD of their recent trip back to the old country.


Thats great said Cathy “But when it arrives Ill have to wait till Dave comes round so he can put it on to play on the DVD player for me . 

Order of Service  13 Feb 2011


Call to worship Is 41:9-10 p.704

Hymn 512          To God be the glory

Prayer and Lord’s prayer

All Age               What have you learnt over the past year?

                        How have you learnt it?

Reading             Luke 5:1-11 p.80

Hymn 404          I danced in the morning


Hymn 533          Will you come and follow me  v.1,2,5

Offering + Hymn 180  Give thanks


Hymn 509          Jesus calls us o'er the tumult

Benediction and Amen