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Rosemary Legge





About Rosemary -


My first memories are of India where my father worked for Massey Ferguson. We lived in Bangalore, in South India until I was 8 years old then returned to our home in Coventry.  That was in the 1950’s when Bangalore was a small provincial town with tree-lined avenues and cows walking around the streets.  Today it’s a big bustling city, the information technology centre of India.  When you get speaking to someone at a call centre in India it could well be in Bangalore.


At school my favourite subjects were physics, applied maths and music.  I played the oboe and considered a career in music but decided instead to go into engineering.  No doubt my father had engendered an interest in the subject because both my brother and I studied Civil Engineering.  So I studied for a BSc at Imperial College. London.


I had attended Sunday School as a child but the bible stories were like fairy tales to me.  It wasn’t until I went to university that I began to wonder what life was all about.  I met other students who were Christians and they seemed to have a sense of peace and purpose that I did not have.  So I bought a New Testament and began to read it, thinking I would become a Christian.  But instead of peace I became even more unsettled.  I tried to live up to the teaching of the bible but found I could not.  So I gave up trying.  Then I met someone who was working with Campus Crusade for Christ.  She explained that I would never be “good enough”.  That was why Jesus came to earth and gave his life - so that I could be forgiven.  I prayed and asked Jesus to forgive me and be my Saviour.  This gave me a wonderful sense of freedom from the past and I wanted to share that good news with other people.


After I finished my degree I spent a couple of years working on the island of Dominica in the West Indies with Voluntary Service Overseas before settling down back in Coventry, working as a Building Services Engineer.  During this time I got involved in my local United Reformed church where I was a Sunday School teacher and ran a youth club and a teenagers bible study group.


As time went on I felt more of a desire to go into full time Christian work.  The ministry was the last thing on my mind.  I thought perhaps I should consider being a missionary.  So I went to Northumbria Bible College in Berwick upon Tweed.  I studied for a BD and when I finished the course I was prayed about that the Lord would have me do next.  I tried various options, but the only door that opened was for further study for a Masters Degree in Biblical Languages at Aberdeen University.  During that time I lived at Glenkindie.  I still didn’t know what I would do when I finished my studies but people began to say to me, “I think you should become a minister”.  I couldn’t imagine myself as a minister, but eventually the Lord showed me clearly that it was what he wanted me to do.


I was a probationer minister with Rev. Iain Brown at Cromar, which includes the village of Tarland.  My first charge was Enzie and Rathven just outside Buckie.  It was there that I met and married my husband Bill.  Since then I have been minister of Marnoch (the village of Aberchirder also known as Foggieloan), the island of Gigha (one of the Inner Hebrides), and Grandtully, Logierait and Strathtay (which is between Pitlochry and Aberfeldy).


When I was a probationer at Cromar 20 years ago I never expected that one day I would be a minister just over the hill from there. But here I am, back in the north east and feeling that I have come home.


We are settling in well and enjoying getting to know folk.  Thankyou for the warm welcome you have given us, for the cards and for the help we received in moving here and settling in.  If we haven’t met you yet we hope to do so before too long.