Cushnie & Tough Church

The Kirk Session of Cushnie & Tough Church meet regularly to discuss: general matters arising, finances, fabric and building matters, presbytery matters, mission committee updates, social committee updates and other general correspondences in and around the Church of Scotland.




Ron Ferguson (Session Clerk)

 Ordained as an Elder in 1984 at Westhill. A member of Tough Church since 1993 and our Session Clerk since 1999.


Ernie Paterson (Treasurer)

 Ordained as an Elder in 1984.







 Doreen Robertson

 Ordained as an Elder in 1984, Session Clerk of Cushnie Church 1987 - 1999


 Valerie Stoddart

 Ordained as an Elder 2008


 Iain Stoddart

 Ordained as an Elder in 2001


 Anne Ferguson

 Ordained as an Elder in 1999


 Jean Mortimer

 Ordained as an Elder 1990


 Irene Traynor

 Ordained as an Elder in 1994


 Mary Penny

 Ordained as an Elder in 1980


David Adam

 Ordained as an Elder in 1983


 Peter Glass

 Ordained as an Elder in 1974


 Lewis Marshall

Ordained as an Elder in 1984



 Garry Hunter

 Ordained as an Elder in 2008





 Alastair Smart

 Ordained as an Elder in 1980


Margaret Glass 

Ordained as an Elder in 2011



This page is in the process of being updated. The session has changed slightly since it was last edited.