Cushnie & Tough Church





Dear Lord and Loving Heavenly Father

We give you thanks and praise for the many blessings you give to each of us.

Thankyou that we are able to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by hills and open countryside.


Thank you that we have the freedom to enjoy it.


We thank you for this parish and the two churches at the heart of it.


Thankyou for the worship and faithfullness of those in the past, and for the ongoing witness of those who worship here now.


Lord we ask that our worship may be acceptable to you, give us a desire to serve you.


Thankyou that you have answered our prayers by leading Rosmary to become our minister.

We pray also for her husband Bill, give them both health and happiness as they live here among us.


We pray for  our Parish of Cushnie Tough, for each household represented here,for the schools at Craigievar and Tough,

for the nursing home at Muirhead, for local farms and businesses, nurture and protect each one.


Show us ways Lord where we as a church can connect with the local community, how we can be your hands, your feet,

your voice so that our church here will continue to grow and many more will want to know more about you and be part

of the church at the hub of the Rural Wheel